Listed here are several skits and dramas I have written for our Student Drama Team - Visual Truth - and our Ladies Ministry.  If you are looking for easy to perform dramas, please help yourself to these.  Many  are simple and can be pulled together in a few weeks.  The Christmas and Easter Dramas require several months of work.

As with everything else on my website, feel free to print and make copies for your drama team, but please leave my name on the printed copy. And let me know if your team uses them and if they spoke to your audience. 


This Is The Way -- Walk In It
God's Word - God's Will
Pray and Wash
The Professional Stone Thrower
The Adulterous Woman
The Oil
The Samaritan Woman
The Widow's Mite
Too Rich for Heaven
 The National Day of Prayer
Christy Christian
Ladies Talk Show

Youth Christmas Dramas

The Perfect Gift

A Change of Heart

The Heart of Christmas


Children's Christmas Drama

The Meaning of Christmas

Mission Skits

The Missionary Auction

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