Forever Friends


Deb Shirley

(In Honor of my Friend - Connie Wallace)

As I said my prayers this morning, my thoughts were turned to you.
I was in the midst of praising God for all He's brought me through.
When suddenly He turned my prayer to thoughts of you, my friend.
And quickly I said, "Thank you Lord for this gift that you have sent."

He answered: "Child, I care for you. You know I'm always here.
But there are times your many needs are better met down there.
So I've given you this special friend, someone to walk with you.
Together you will share the path that I will lead you through.

She will laugh with you and cry with you, on this you can depend.
I have sent her there for you, my child, to always be your friend.
She’ll walk with you through thick and thin through joy and peace and pain.
I know how much you needed her. Your prayers were not in vain.

So enjoy this special friendship for my purpose it is given.
Cherish it and treasure it as the next best thing to heaven.
And when you pray remember her and lift her up to me.
I will honor your request, safe with me she'll always be.

Through the years you'll travel. Side by side, you'll take a stand.
And then one day through faith I'll greet you in the Promised Land.
Together you will worship me and forever you will be,
Forever friends, forevermore, with me eternally.”

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