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Help My Unbelief


Deb Shirley

(Based on Mark 9:23-24)

Lord, help my unbelief when your time is not my own.
When your response is not like mine help me to be strong.

Lord, help my unbelief when my faith in you is weak.
Keep my hearing tuned to you Lord. Speak your word to me.

Lord, help my unbelief when I’m close to giving up.
Holy Spirit, burn within me a blazing flame than can’t be snuffed.

Lord, help my unbelief when I stumble and I fall.
Lift me up on eagle’s wings and help me to stand tall.

Lord, you are my belief. You are the rock on which I stand.
You are my mighty fortress. You are my guiding hand.

I never have to fear Lord no matter where I go.
If my eyes are fixed on you and I believe - truly believe - it is so.

You say all things are possible for those who do believe.
O Father, help my unbelief. Lord, help me to believe.

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