Debra Shirley

(In Honor of my friend, Linda Burell)

Seldom in life are we able to find a friend who is faithful and true.
Someone to share all of our joys or cry with when we're blue.

A friend to hear our problems, who always tries to help.
Someone who walks beside us through all our troubled steps.

A friend who is there to lean upon when sadness comes our way.
Whose strength and courage help us endure the heartaches in life we face.

A friend who is truly honest, not afraid to speak their mind.
Someone whose advice we often seek, whom we trust when in a bind.

A friend who rejoices along with us when successes we achieve.
Whose love and care is evident in word as well as deed.

Yes, friends like these are hard to find. They are far between and few.
But, God has blessed me in this life for I have found that friend in you.

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