The Imperfect Quilt


Deb Shirley

This may not be a perfect quilt; it's made with human hands you see.
But every single stitch and seam were sewn with love for thee.

I crafted this quilt with arthritic hands for you -- my Grandchild not yet born.
While our Heavenly Father used His nail-scarred hands to shape your tiny form.

This quilt is a one of a kind creation. It's true, no other like it will ever be.
May it always remind you that just like this quilt, God created you unique.

If you examine it closely you'll notice, it has flaws and mistakes galore.
You too will have imperfections; may you learn God's grace abounds more.

May you be a display of His splendor and in the universe shine like a star.
May your journey through life teach you, that God's love reaches near and far.

I pray this quilt will warm you. I pray you'll forever feel safe and secure.
I pray God's arms will enfold you and of His protection you'll be assured.

No, this may not be a perfect quilt; it's a lot like us you see.
But it's MaMaw's special gift to you and you are His gift to me.

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