Humpty Dumpty Revisited


 Deb Shirley


A rebellious woman sat high on her wall.

This rebellious woman had a great fall.

And all the King’s angels and all things of earth,

Could not lift her from the rubble and dirt.


But … wait … the story doesn’t end there.

In agony, the women lifted a prayer.

“God if you’re here, I need you,” she cried.

And the King of the Universe rushed to her side.


Softly and gently, He lifted her head.

Covered the tears of disgrace with mercy instead.

The shattered heart He molded better than new,

Her broken spirit restored with words but a few.


You’re forgiven my child, so stand straight and tall.

Never again will the King remember your fall.

Arise my darling, my beautiful one.

Come with me now that the work has been done.


All the King’s horses and all the King’s men

Could not put the woman together again.

Yet … there is one who will restore if asked.

Only the King Himself is up to the task.


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