A Message To My Parents


Debra Shirley

We were sent here as a gift from God, small miracles placed in your hands.

He asked only that you give us your love and raise us by His plan.


You brought us up one by one always teaching us right from wrong.

We never wondered where we belonged for our family bond was strong.


We grew up with children that had it all, all life's treasures, but yet they were lonely.

Their parents never had enough time so they bought them with gifts and money.


Now I know that we had so much more than money could every buy.

You taught us all about God's love you said He would never push us aside.


I'll always remember my childhood and the togetherness we shared.

I'll thank God each and everyday for your love and how deeply you cared.


As a family we have faced it all, love, joy, pain and grief.

together we will join and try to be strong and God will give us peace.


Be proud of what you have done for us and never have any regrets.

For I know when you go to face the judge, He'll say "Parents, you did your best."

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